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Scaphoid is one of the eight carpal bones and is present on the thumb side of the wrist. It is responsible for motion as well as stability of the wrist joint. A sudden blow to the wrist may cause this bone to break and the condition is referred to as Scaphoid Fracture.

Types of Scaphoid Fractures -

  • Non-Displaced Fracture - Minor fracture in which the bones have not moved from their original position.
  • Displaced Fracture - Bones misalign and gap may be seen. Overlapping of bones may also be witnessed in certain cases.

Causes -

  • Falling with an outstretched hand , with weight landing on the palm
  • While playing sports or during a vehicle collision

Symptoms -

  • Pain and swelling on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Minor affliction that feels like a sprain
  • Tenderness over the scaphoid

Diagnosis -

The doctor may look for symptoms such as swelling, bruising, loss of motion etc. To have a clear opinion about a scaphoid fracture, he may recommend the following imaging tests:

  • X-Ray tests – This test may help to visualize the extent of damage caused by a fracture.
  • MRI Scan  - It provides a clearer view of the tissue damage. A minor Scaphoid Fracture may sometimes become visible via an MRI scan than an X-ray.
  • CT-Scan - This test can show whether the bones have been displaced or not. Result of the CT scan may be used to decide the treatment plan.

Treatment -

Non Surgical Treatment
Depending upon the position of the fracture, the doctor may ask patients to wear casts or splints. If the fracture is near the thumb, it may heal within one or two weeks. Thhe blood supply is less in the area closer to the wrist,  if the fracture occurs at this position, it may take a longer duration to heal.

Surgical Treatment

  • Reduction – In this surgery, the orthopedic surgeon may try to manipulate the damaged bone with direct manipulation. He may give anesthesia to the patient and make a small incision at the affected area.
  • Internal Fixation – The surgeon may make an incision at the front or back surface of the wrist. He may use metal plates, screws and wires to reposition the displaced bone.
  • Bone Graft – A bone graft may be taken from patient's forearm or thigh bone and placed along the damaged bone. This graft acts as a support on which the broken bone regrows and heals.

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