Risk Factors For Wrist Pain

by Administrator 18. September 2015 13:41

The wrist joint comprises of bones connected with various ligaments, tissues and tendons. An injury or trauma to any of these structures can cause wrist pain. The condition can lead to difficulty in lifting objects, visible deformity, stiffness, numbness, reduced range of motion, swelling, numbness and bruising. Wrist pain is usually treated with medication, rest and ice packs. By following certain precautions and taking regular breaks, one can prevent wrist pain. However, certain lifestyle, genetic, age related and occupational risk factors increase the probability of suffering from the condition.   

Here are some risk factors of wrist pain:

  • Sports: Sports activities such as bowling, golf, gymnastics, tennis, racquetball, handball etc. that involve repetitive movements of the wrist increase the risk of experiencing pain. It is imperative to follow the right technique, stance and sports equipment to protect the wrist from any injury or stress.
  • Repetitive Work: Activities involving repetitive motion of the hand and wrist such as typing, knitting, driving for long hours can lead to wrist pain. It is advisable to wear a wristband if you are in occupation that requires constantly working on a computer.
  • Medical Conditions: Diabetes, obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, pregnancy or menopause can increase the risk of develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which causes wrist pain. It is advisable to seek proper treatment for these conditions to prevent wrist pain.
  • Increasing Age: Elderly people are prone to suffer from conditions such as Osteoporosis, which may lead to wrist pain. Seniors should avoid falls and slips to prevent a wrist injury.
  • Lifting Weights: Heavy weight lifting can put pressure on the wrist and cause pain. Improper lifting technique and not wearing the proper equipment can also lead to wrist pain.
  • Injuries/Trauma: Any injury, direct impact or fall can cause wrist pain. The intensity of pain varies with the nature of injury. Severe damage to the wrist can cause recurring pain, which must be treated in time.
  • Other Factors: Certain driving and sleeping positions can also contribute to wrist pain. Using only your thumb and index finger to hold objects can also put strain on the wrist and cause pain.

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