Tips To Prevent Wrist Pain

by Administrator 20. November 2014 07:23

There are a number of tasks we perform in our daily lives that can be a cause of wrist pain. Repetitive strenuous movements of the writs an often lead to or aggravate many orthopedic conditions like Trigger Finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. To prevent such problems, as well as to prevent hand and wrist pain, here are some easy tips that you must follow in your daily routine.

  • Stretching: A lot of our daily activities such as driving, texting and typing require the wrist to be held in awkward and stiff positions. In order to neutralize this, try stretches that can help loosen up your strained muscles in the wrists, palms and fingers.
  • Drink lots of water: Loss of electrolyte and dehydration can also be a cause of muscle cramps. Keeping yourself properly hydrated can prevent painful cramps, particularly if it is due to rigorous exercise.
  • Take potassium and Vitamin D: Lack of important nutrients from the diet can also lead to wrist pain. Improving the intake of vitamin D and potassium can prevent cramps in the wrist.
  • Take short breaks: One of the most important tips to prevent wrist injury is to take short breaks after regular time gaps. Whether you are typing, sewing or playing a sport, give some time for your hands to rest and avoid any pain in the wrist.
  • Hold your wrists right: You must remember that whatever you do – playing piano, typing, chopping vegetables, using the mouse, you should always hold the wrist in a straight position. While typing, do not rest the hands on any surface. When you are not doing anything, rest your hands with the palm side up.
  • Exercise in the correct way: wrist pains can also be caused due to improper posture while cycling, pushups, lifting weights or yoga. Make sure you are doing the exercises properly to avoid any pain afterwards.
  • Wear protective gloves: These can help to keep the wrist in the appropriate position. The gloves and splints can be worn while you are typing or even during sleep.

Wrist pain can lead to many serious conditions if not prevented and treated at an earlier stage. For more information about wrist pain and its related medical conditions, you can consult Dr. Neagle, a renowned hand surgeon in Carrollton, TX. To schedule an appointment, call at (972) 492-1334 or visit 4780 North Josey Lane, Carrollton, Texas 75010.

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