Hand Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Arthritis is a degenerative condition in which bones and joints become degraded over time and start losing their strength and functionality. Arthritis in the hand is a serious condition which can severely limit most of your functionality and deplete your hand strength. Apart from age-related causes, hand arthritis can also develop due to genetic and hereditary factors or as a result of injury to the hand. In the hand, there are four different areas which can be vulnerable to the development of arthritis and these are –

  • The wrist joint
  • The basilar joint – the joint between the wrist and the thumb
  • The DIP joint at the fingertips
  •  The knuckle joint or the PIP joint

With these vulnerable areas, cases of hand arthritis are commonly found in all parts of the world. With prompt orthopedic treatment, people affected by this debilitating condition can resume normal activities and regain the strength and flexibility of their hands.


Arthritis of the hand is usually caused by one of several different possible factors. The most common variety of arthritis is called Osteoarthritis, which is an age-related phenomenon and usually occurs in seniors. Due to age-related deterioration of joints, osteoarthritis is more likely to affect joints that are actively used and joints in the hand are particularly vulnerable. Arthritis of the hand can also develop as a result of injury or impact damage to the hand. With the joint that is already weakened, it is easier for arthritis to set in. Arthritis can also manifest itself if you have had surgery and last but not the least; arthritis can also be caused due to hereditary factors.


The primary symptom of hand arthritis is that severe pain is felt in and near the affected joint. The pain might get better after periods of rest and worsen after periods of heavy activity. There is also a pronounced loss of flexibility and motion of the joint and joint operation can be painful and difficult. There can also be instances of redness and inflammation at the affected joint.


When detected early, hand arthritis can be treated non-surgically. Modes of treatment include lifestyle changes that allow affected people to avoid activities that aggravate the pain, splinting the joint to provide support, heat or ice treatment and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For people who have advanced cases of hand arthritis, there might be need for reconstructive surgery.

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